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Weight and Balance

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

What is a Weight and Balance system?

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A Weight & Balance system (WBS) is used to calculate the load capacity in logistics. Within a military environment, this is a critical part of the logistics planning. Calculating weight and balance requires comprehensive data in terms of size and volume for different types of cargo and transportation and can be a complex process, particularly in the military logistics field.

Using some of the latest technology, solutions to real challenges in W&B logistics can be found to optimize the system through automation and simulation. A logistics optimization system aims to accelerate military load planning, enable better CDM and ultimately increase potential mission success.

Accelerate and simplify military load planning with CLOS

CLOS Collaborative Logistics Optimization System includes a powerful Weight and Balance calculation feature that uses all available constraints to plan multiple mission scenarios with 3D profiling. This streamlines mission planning and allows for greater flexibility should last minute changes be needed.

CLOS protects and secures the data and communications flow and can be uniquely configured to include the movement of the hazardous supplies for designated areas typical of a military logistics environment.

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