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Streamlines Logistics

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

How the military streamlines logistics

Please browse the recent articles featuring products and ways in which the military streamlines logistics. The CLOS blog features industry news, latest customer stories, product features and analysis for our customers and peers in the industry.

CLOS creates a secure platform from which maneuvers can be carefully and meticulously planned and optimized to give the best chance of success. To streamline and simplify military logistics requires a holistic approach that considers every available resource and takes into account every possible constraint within the optimum plan.

Logistics optimization with CLOS

Optimizing logistics with CLOS, developed specifically for military use, is significantly strengthened by the use of intelligent algorithms that gather detailed information and produce an optimal loading strategy that streamlines logistics, regardless of the size or location of the operation or transportation type. It offers a powerful solution for the logistics of moving troops, supplies and hazardous goods.

Talk to A-ICE about how the CLOS military planning optimization system streamlines logistics planning and secures communications. In addition to reading our blog we recommend you connect with us on LinkedIn for even more updates.

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

US military agencies are beginning to examine technological solutions that address the movement of personnel and military hardware, a subject recently raised as an area of concern in reports. Military logistics is a mission-critical part of operations, and with global tensions becoming strained, improved planning, execution and contingency becomes a high a priority for all government defences agencies across the world. US admits “We’re not the clear [technology] leaders that… Read More »Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

Military Logistics Optimisation


How US military logistics can be streamlined and enhanced for future conflict A-ICE are highly experienced in the development of intelligent solutions in response to the real requirements of military logistics operations. Working with key stakeholders in the air transport community for more than 25 years and developing integrable applications and IT solutions within the airports environment to support mission-critical systems, we understand the complexities and importance of seamless logistics… Read More »A STUDY ON SURVIVABLE LOGISTICS

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