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Simplify Military Logistics

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

How can you simplify military logistics?

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To simplify logistics in the modern warfare environment requires the use of some of the latest technologies and intelligent solutions. The traditional battlefield is changing and in future, maneuvers are expected to become more disparate and widespread, moving away from the huge logistics facilities.

With complex network flow and the logistics of the movement, storage and management of typically hazardous hardware and supplies, the challenges surrounding military logistics are numerous and far reaching in terms of preparedness.

How CLOS can help to streamline and simplify logistics for the military

CLOS Collaborative Logistics Optimization System has been designed by A-ICE to address real challenges in the military logistics platform and was developed in conjunction with the Italian Air Force.

Using complex Machine Learning algorithms and next generation 3D profiling, CLOS takes all the available network and logistics constraints and calls on historic data and information to produce the optimal plan. Real time accelerated mission planning facilitates enhanced CDM and strengthens the likelihood of success.

CLOS delivers multiple logistics and loading scenarios to further consolidate mission preparedness and enable last minute alterations like never before. Automate and ultimately simplify military logistics from ATR to destination with CLOS logistics planning software.

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