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Network Flow Optimization

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

Why is Network Flow Optimization important?

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Network optimization is critical in a military logistics environment. The storage, management and transportation of typically hazardous equipment and supplies can cause challenges in the network flow and with time-sensitive mission planning, optimization is a crucial part of the process. Communications and data need to be on-time, accurate and seamlessly secure to facilitate swift CDM and operations need to keep moving.

The latest technologies and solutions are meeting the needs of network optimization like never before, offering a powerful solution to the typical challenges of military logistics.

How CLOS can help

CLOS Collaborative Logistics Optimization System takes network flow optimization to another level, effectively automating and optimizing logistics planning using complex and powerful Machine Learning algorithms and 3D profiling features.

From ATR to delivery of mission critical supplies, CLOS works with real-time data and historic information that is analyzed and used to fully optimize the network flow. With minimum investment and training, CLOS is a cost effective solution that enhances every aspect of military logistics. Automate and simplify networks with CLOS military logistics software.

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