Military Transport Operations

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

Planning transport operations for the military

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Military operations are complex and challenging and require careful, detailed planning to ensure mission success. Often spread over various transportation methods for air, land and sea maneuvers, getting the logistics right is critical. Transport operations are responsible for the movement of troops, personnel, military supplies and often hazardous materials in addition to handling storage, facilities and maintenance processes.

Streamlining and enhancing operations

The field of military logistics can be streamlined and enhanced by the addition of CLOS logistics planning software, developed especially to address the common challenges of today, while securing solutions for the changing battlefield of tomorrow.

Securing transport operations is made easy with CLOS, providing a secure platform with enhanced collaborative benefits that enhance preparedness across the board. Adaptable and intelligent, CLOS uses every available resource and constraint to product the optimal plan for logistics in the military environment and makes collaborative decision making secure and reliable.

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