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Military Supplies

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

The logistics of moving supplies for the military

Please browse the recent articles featuring military supplies. The CLOS blog features industry news, latest customer stories, product features and analysis for our customers and peers in the industry.

The logistics surrounding the movement of supplies, hardware and personnel is a critical part of maneuvers and contributes heavily to the success of any mission. CLOS ensures a seamless approach to military logistics with the utilization of smart technologies and Machine Learning algorithms in a powerful system that promises to streamline, simplify and automate routine processes and tasks.

What are military supplies?

Military supplies can include a wide range of goods and hardware, and inevitably dangerous items and hazardous materials. CLOS considers all available constraints and delivers the optimum plan using 3D profiling and other visual tools for the receipt, storage and movement of all types of military supplies.

CLOS enhances Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) capabilities within the military platform and also creates an environment that can cope easily with last minute changes or updates to the mission plan. With seamlessly secure access to those that need it in real time, it is clear to see how CLOS can increase the efficiency of the movement of supplies and reduce the cost and reliance on other resources. In addition to reading our blog we recommend you connect with us on LinkedIn for even more updates.

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

US military agencies are beginning to examine technological solutions that address the movement of personnel and military hardware, a subject recently raised as an area of concern in reports. Military logistics is a mission-critical part of operations, and with global tensions becoming strained, improved planning, execution and contingency becomes a high a priority for all government defences agencies across the world. US admits “We’re not the clear [technology] leaders that… Read More »Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

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