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Military Personnel

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

The movement of personnel in the military

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Defense personnel work for the armed forces of countries and are directly employed by the government in most cases, although a significant number of third-party stakeholders are often contracted into certain roles, particularly in the field of logistics.

Logistics planning for military personnel

Because personnel in the armed forced are typically arranged into levels of hierarchy, there are many different levels of security clearance and each carries a different set of responsibilities in terms of movement. From the bottom to the top, personnel work in often hazardous environments and situations and planning logistics is critical to ensure the safety and security of every person.

CLOS military logistics software is a highly intuitive, intelligent solution that considers every available constraint and resource when creating the optimal plan for logistics and the movement of personnel, regardless of the transportation type, security level, location or size of the operation.

Talk to A-ICE about CLOS planning optimization system to streamline the logistics of the movement of personnel. In addition to reading our blog we recommend you connect with us on LinkedIn for even more updates.

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

US military agencies are beginning to examine technological solutions that address the movement of personnel and military hardware, a subject recently raised as an area of concern in reports. Military logistics is a mission-critical part of operations, and with global tensions becoming strained, improved planning, execution and contingency becomes a high a priority for all government defences agencies across the world. US admits “We’re not the clear [technology] leaders that… Read More »Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

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