Military Operations

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

The changing face of military operations

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It is commonly known across the defence world that times are changing. With advancing technologies comes advanced threats and the battleground of the future will be very different to that of yesterday. Operations rely on constant, carefully planned logistics to contribute to mission success and with operational locations set to become more disparate and widespread, logistics planning will need to become intuitive, streamlined and more efficient.

Military logistics solutions to optimize operations

Military operations encompass a wide range of activities and require careful, detailed planning. A typical military environment receives, stores and distributes hazardous supplies and dangerous hardware under regulated conditions and in designated areas. Compliance, safety and security are high on the priority list and planning takes time, data, collaboration and decision-making to get right.

Introducing some of the latest technologies to the logistics surrounding military operations can offer a streamlined approach through automation of routine tasks and compliance. CLOS, A-ICE’s Collaborative Logistics Optimization System, is intelligent military logistics planning software that uses Machine Learning algorithms and enhanced CDM features to bring greater advantages in terms of efficiency, security and military readiness than ever before.

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