Machine Learning

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

How does Machine Learning help with military logistics planning?

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The use of AI and Machine Learning is increasing across the logistics track. Machine Learning can accelerate analysis of data and increase efficiency significantly, critical in a military setting. Planning maneuvers with AI can also enhance preparedness with complex algorithms able to harness both current and historic data to deliver multiple scenarios. This makes CDM easier and facilitates even last minute changes to the mission plan.

The latest intelligent technologies can offer solutions to real challenges for military logistics planning. With unique configuration, AI algorithms can recognise many different constraints, such as the storage and transportation of hazardous supplies, typical of the military warehousing environment.

Automate and simplify logistics planning with CLOS

CLOS Collaborative Logistics Optimization System includes a powerful feature that calculates all available constraints using complex algorithms and delivers the ideal mission logistics plan. When the real-time benefits of military logistics planning are realised, CDM can be significantly improved, which in turn can lead to enhanced preparedness.

CLOS is fast and easy to deploy and requires minimum training to operate. From ATR to delivery, CLOS streamlines, automates and simplifies your logistics planning with powerful Machine Learning features.

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