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Logistics Operations

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

The logistics of operations in the military

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Military logistics must be carefully planned to ensure the best chance of mission success. Logistics involves the movement of military personnel and the handling, storage, transportation and maintenance of military supplies and hardware. In the modern military environment, planning  is a critical part of operational readiness, where hazardous and dangerous supplies are typical.

Simplified planning for logistics operations

Planning can be significantly simplified with the use of military logistics planning software. CLOS delivers the optimal plan taking all available constraints and resources in account. This includes receipt and storage of hazardous supplies in designated areas, volumetric planning with 3D optimization and ensuring local, regional and military compliance requirements.

CLOS uses Machine Learning algorithms to create scenario-type planning which facilitates efficient decision making and eases the challenge of making last minute alterations or updates to the mission plan. With careful attention to the protection of communications and data flows, CLOS also creates a secure, reliable platform from which logistics operations can be monitored and managed in real time.

Talk to A-ICE about CLOS military planning optimization system to streamline all logistics operations. In addition to reading our blog we recommend you connect with us on LinkedIn for even more updates.

CLOS How the Use of Predictive Analytics Today Will Shape Future Military Logistics

How the Use of Predictive Analytics Today Will Shape Future Military Logistics

Predictive analytics is already changing the way logistics companies do business, using big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to shape the planning process like never before. When this data is processed, logistics has the opportunity to become proactive in decision-making. In the military world, this can offer big advantages in terms of preparedness and the ability to deal with disruption, enabling real-time changes to logistics planning. What are Predictive… Read More »How the Use of Predictive Analytics Today Will Shape Future Military Logistics

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

US military agencies are beginning to examine technological solutions that address the movement of personnel and military hardware, a subject recently raised as an area of concern in reports. Military logistics is a mission-critical part of operations, and with global tensions becoming strained, improved planning, execution and contingency becomes a high a priority for all government defences agencies across the world. US admits “We’re not the clear [technology] leaders that… Read More »Pentagon Looks Ahead to the Importance of Military Logistics

Military Logistics Optimisation


How US military logistics can be streamlined and enhanced for future conflict A-ICE are highly experienced in the development of intelligent solutions in response to the real requirements of military logistics operations. Working with key stakeholders in the air transport community for more than 25 years and developing integrable applications and IT solutions within the airports environment to support mission-critical systems, we understand the complexities and importance of seamless logistics… Read More »A STUDY ON SURVIVABLE LOGISTICS

Military Logistics Mission Planning


When the US military starts talking about the use of Artificial Intelligence in combat situations, it is difficult not to visualise legions of Hollywood-style, heavily-armed robotic soldiers marching into war. The reality is that AI solutions will play a far less physical and much more integrated role in the future of warfare. In order to process the inordinate amounts of data and information inevitably produced during maneuvers, the military would… Read More »HOW THE US ARMY VIEWS THE ROLE OF AI IN FUTURE MILITARY WARFARE

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