Logistics Operations

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

The logistics of operations in the military

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Military logistics must be carefully planned to ensure the best chance of mission success. Logistics involves the movement of military personnel and the handling, storage, transportation and maintenance of military supplies and hardware. In the modern military environment, planning  is a critical part of operational readiness, where hazardous and dangerous supplies are typical.

Simplified planning for logistics operations

Planning can be significantly simplified with the use of military logistics planning software. CLOS delivers the optimal plan taking all available constraints and resources in account. This includes receipt and storage of hazardous supplies in designated areas, volumetric planning with 3D optimization and ensuring local, regional and military compliance requirements.

CLOS uses Machine Learning algorithms to create scenario-type planning which facilitates efficient decision making and eases the challenge of making last minute alterations or updates to the mission plan. With careful attention to the protection of communications and data flows, CLOS also creates a secure, reliable platform from which logistics operations can be monitored and managed in real time.

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