Cyber Security

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Enhance cyber security protection with CLOS

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Digital security is an area that is affecting military logistics all over the world. With rising threats to the military environment from near peers and other adversaries, the US military takes online security very seriously and understands that keeping communications and data transfer secure is a challenge that will only increase in the future.

Future-proofing security for cyber and people

With significant changes expected on the future battlefield, ensuring seamless security for data protection is high on the priority list. CLOS features robust data and communications protection to tackle security issues and challenges. Protecting the communications and data flow is a critical part of CLOS’ operability and offers an automated approach to regulatory compliance requirements, regardless of location.

Talk to A-ICE about CLOS today. We’re different from other military service and solutions providers. With no minimum contracts and a uniquely tailored, secure operational environment, enhancing cyber security for military logistics has never been easier.

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