Collaborative Logistics Optimization System

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

What is a logistics optimization system?

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Using some of the latest technology, solutions to real challenges within logistics can be found to optimize the system through the automation of processes and routine tasks. A logistics optimization system aims to streamline and protect military collaborative planning, enable better CDM and ultimately increase potential mission success.

Within a military environment, logistics also includes the movement and storage of often hazardous supplies and hardware. Military maneuvers can also be strengthened by a collaborative approach to planning and decision-making within a secure platform with communications and data flows protected.

Increasing adaptability with CLOS

With the implementation of CLOS Collaborative Logistics Optimization System, military maneuvers benefit from levels of adaptability like never before. Mission planning requires detailed, highly accurate and timely information, across a wide departmental range and with seamless security. CLOS protects communication and data flow and uses all available constraints to plan multiple mission scenarios with 3D profiling. This enables increased adaptability and readiness, regardless of even last minute changes often typical of a military logistics operation.

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