CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

Using CLOS to optimize military logistics planning

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Collaborative Logistics Optimization System was developed by A-ICE in conjunction with the Italian Air Force to address real issues in the military arena in the field of logistics.

What is CLOS?

Collaborative Logistics Optimization System is a user-friendly, plug it and go live system designed to streamline, simplify and automate many of the routine tasks involved in planning military logistics operations. Regardless of the size or location of your operations, our scalable, intuitive solution is cost effective and fast to implement.

Using in-built Machine Learning algorithms, CLOS produces a fluid, accurate plan for the movement of military supplies, hardware and personnel over a range of transportation types. It accurately accounts for all available constraints, considers storage of hazardous goods in designated zones and much more, while facilitating fast CDM and allowing for even last-minute changes or updates to the mission plan.

Enhance operational readiness and meet both the military logistics challenges of today and tomorrow. In addition to reading our blog we recommend you connect with us on LinkedIn for even more updates.


Mastering the balancing act

Right before take-off, the work of the Chief of Operations is done. the cargo has been checked, balanced and loaded. So, what are they thinking at that precise moment?