Army Logistics

CLOS Military Logistics Optimization Software

How logistics works for the army

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Within the army, logistics forms a critical part of maneuvers. We understand that the movement of personnel, equipment, hardware and supplies requires detailed planning. This planning can contribute significantly to the success of any mission. In addition, many army supplies are of a hazardous nature. Their safe movement is therefore crucial to ensure safety and security during transport. Lastly we understand that the storage of dangerous goods within specified areas should be considered.

Turning to technology for army logistics

Military departments are increasingly looking towards the latest technology today to streamline planning. CLOS military software provides you with seamless approach to planning, using smart, intuitive technology. You’ll be able to simplify and automate routine tasks, and CLOS uses machine learning to provide scenario-based solutions to move army supplies more efficiently. Our advanced analytics features enable better CDM and communication. Data flows can be seamlessly protected in real time.

We introduced CLOS with real military challenges at the forefront of our research and development. You’ll be able to create the optimal plan, considering all the available operational constraints. This increases readiness, adaptability and preparedness across operations.

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