As a collaborative decision-making (CDM) software tool, CLOS uses a variety of mathematical modelling techniques to accelerate and optimize the planning of safe, efficient and effective air transportation operations. Developed in collaboration with Optit, an accredited spinoff of the University of Bologna, CLOS is built around highly-advanced prescriptive analytics algorithms that handle all practical constraints for fast, accurate feasibility validation.


  • Based on latest operations research
  • All available practical constraints factored into calculation
  • Adaptable to accommodate constraint updates/changes
  • Machine-learning mechanisms guide and accelerate functionality
  • Faster run-time during feasibility assignments


An Air Transportation Request (ATR) sets out the requirements for items to be transported from one origin to one destination, with the aim of arranging those items into the minimum number of ULDs and containers, and then loaded onto the minimum number of aircraft.


CLOS uses 3-D Packing Optimization to load ULDs with maximum efficiency, according to geometric containment and non-overlap constraints. With CLOS, you are equipped to manage:

  • Variability of items: single or multiple boxes, bulky/irregular items
  • Variability of ULDs: standardized platforms or shaped containers
  • Orthogonal rotation of items
  • Practical ULD constraints e.g. maximum size and weight
  • Adherence to stacking rules and possible deformation of items
  • Item support: required proportion of base in contact with layer below
  • ULD support: contact area to contain centre of gravity of the item
  • Dangerous items loaded in accordance with necessary safeguards
  • Loading sequence managed


As well as ensuring ULDs are loaded to optimal capacity, CLOS calculates the most efficient schedule for loading the ULDs into one or more aircrafts.

With CLOS, you are equipped to manage:

  • Weight and size limit for each aircraft
  • Weight balance: length and width (momentum admissible range)
  • Compatibility between items and aircraft or position
Pallets volumetric simulations for logistics
Pallets volumetric simulations and planning
Pallets volumetric simulations
Pallets volumetric plan for logistics


CLOS supports your strategic mission-planning, using network flow optimization techniques to model the right schedule for your cargo, flight assets and destination requirements. Multiple solutions are generated rapidly based on ‘what if’ analysis, taking different operational scenarios and external events into account so you can arrive at the optimum plan.

With CLOS, you are equipped to manager:

  • Multi-commodity ATRs (origin, destination, items, release and due dates, etc)
  • A variety of origin–transit–destination nodes, each with specific characteristics and constraints
  • Multi-period planning, with missions specified over a time horizon of a certain number of days
  • Multi-modal connections (air, rail, nautical, road)
  • Physical, regulatory and operational constraints
  • Economic and/or QoS objective function
CLOS Military Mission Planning


CLOS is built up of a series of modules that manage the optimization of the various stages of planning military logistics missions.

  • Messaging
  • Archives
  • Assets Manager
  • Mission Management
  • Cargo Handling
  • ATR
  • ATR Manager
  • Pax Boarding
  • Pax Check-in
  • Flight Control
  • Flight Monitor
  • Matrix
  • Task
  • Users
  • Weight and Balance
CLOS SSO Main Menu with some modules active

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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