Pallet Loading Calculator

Pallet Loading Calculator

A Pallet Loading Calculator is an essential tool for military logistics, particularly when dealing with typically hazardous or dangerous supplies. Loading pallets to the optimum plan, taking all available criteria in account ensures the safe and efficient transport of the maximum load of supplies and materials, creating better time and cost efficiencies.  

  • Weight and size limits for each transportation
  • Weight balance
  • Position compatibility

Planning military maneuvers is a complex series of processes, often requiring collaborative decision-making and time sensitivity. Creating the optimum plan involves detailed calculation and analysis of all factors and constraints to guarantee success. Logistics plays a critical role in military preparedness and as a result, benefits significantly from smart solutions that aim to simplify, automate and streamline these elements of the plan.

Pallet loading optimization through simulation

The Pallet Loading Calculator feature of CLOS military logistics software utilizes some of the most intelligent technologies and offers a new level of optimization for all types of loads. The 3D packing feature of CLOS offers maximum efficiency for pallet loading optimization, creating a plan according to geometric containment and non-overlap constraints.

The system takes all available information and constraints to produce 3D imagery with a variation in scenario. Running pallet loading simulation also strengthens the ability to cope with last minute operational or planning changes.

Considerations for pallet loading systems

In a military environment, where the movement of hazardous materials and dangerous items is an everyday operational requirement, the risks are high and careful planning is essential for both security and safety.
Recording detailed information is also an important part of a good pallet loading system. Meticulous, seamless record-keeping is an integral part of the CLOS military logistics software and the data it gathers is available in real-time to all the decision makers that need it.
The Volumetric Planning and Logistics Modelling features of CLOS ensure that Pallet Loading Calculation is fast and seamlessly accurate, regardless of the content or the transportation.

What makes CLOS’ pallet loading calculator different?

CLOS is different from standard pallet loading software, which only handles regular shaped items. Military logistics handles an almost limitless variety of items, often bulky or irregular. Many are dangerous and require careful, specific handling and storage. CLOS is designed to deliver optimal pallet loading with adherence to stacking rules, support recommendations and maximum size and weight.

It also considers other defining factors in different environments that may affect pallet loading, such as:

  • Local regulations
  • Sourcing decisions
  • Local governance
  • Risk assessment
  • Storage constraints
  • And more.

Want to know more?

CLOS was developed to meet specific military logistics requirements for the modern age of warfare. In a military environment, it is critical to ensure the security and protection of communications as a core competency.

CLOS helps to strengthen processes through automation and secures lines of communication through leverage of the latest smart and intelligent technologies to enhance operations at every level. CLOS is a one-stop solution to meet compliance and every other requirement across the military logistics sector.

Talk to A-ICE today about how our military logistics software can shape, accelerate and optimize your operations to meet the requirements of today, while remaining scalable, flexible and secure enough for those of tomorrow.

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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