Military Mission Planning

Military Mission Planning

Military mission planning is critical at all levels and consists of a typically complex series of processes to ensure safe, efficient and optimised missions.

Logistics plays an important role in ensuring the secure and efficient movement of troops, hardware and supplies, accelerating preparedness. When military mission planning is fully optimized, to include every available constraint and parameter, greater efficiencies can be realised across the board, saving time and closing the transportation loop through automation.

Today, in an evolving military landscape, military logistics software is helping to automate and simplify these processes to deliver the ability to continue to adapt to the future battlefield and increase the efficiency in military mission planning like never before.

  • Automate and simplify military mission planning
  • Adapt to last minute changes
  • Enhance Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)

Considerations for planning a military mission

Using military logistics software, mission planners can access some of the most intelligent technologies and achieve new levels of planning optimization for all types of loads.

In a military environment, the receipt, storage and transportation of hazardous materials and dangerous items is an everyday operational process. Careful consideration of the mission constraints is an essential requirement in a high-risk environment for both security and safety. This makes efficient Collaborative Decision Making critical and CLOS ensures that the data it gathers is available to those that need it in real time.

The military mission planning capabilities of CLOS intelligently assess, simulate, plan and report to ensure that accurate, fast and adaptable maneuvers can achieve the best chance of success, regardless of the mission, content or the transportation.

What makes CLOS military mission planning software different?

CLOS is different from standard planning software. Developed in conjunction with the Italian Air Force to help address real issues, CLOS uses intelligent algorithms to deliver a powerful, secure solution to support military logistics planning at every level.

Military logistics handles an almost limitless variety of items, often bulky or irregular. Many are dangerous and require careful, specific handling and storage. CLOS is designed to deliver the optimal plan that sets load rules incorporating tailored parameters such as, but not limited to:

  • Local regulations
  • Military regulations
  • Storage constraints
  • Local and national governance
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Weight and Balance
  • Volumetric Planning
  • Transportation type

Want to know more?

CLOS was developed to meet specific military logistics requirements for the modern age of warfare. In a military environment, it is critical to ensure the security and protection of communications as a core competency.

CLOS helps to strengthen processes through automation and secures lines of communication through leverage of the latest smart and intelligent technologies to enhance operations at every level. CLOS is a one-stop solution to meet compliance and every other requirement across the military logistics sector.

Talk to A-ICE today about how our military logistics software can shape, accelerate and optimize your operations to meet the requirements of today, while remaining scalable, flexible and secure enough for those of tomorrow.

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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