Cargo Handling and Planner

Cargo Handling and Planner

In the military sector, it is widely accepted that logistics optimization is needed at all levels, from cargo planning, handling and transportation to CDM and logistics management. This is necessary to ensure the maneuvers of tomorrow can be handled with the efficiency and success it has historically enjoyed. Traditional military supply bases are set to become more challenging as the platform of warfare evolves into a new, technology-driven era, and optimized cargo handling and planning is more important than ever.

With no shortage of critical factors involved in cargo handling and planning, each requiring careful collaborative consideration, a comprehensive operational perspective is needed – and fast.

The benefits of planning military cargo handling

When it comes to cargo handling and planning in a military environment, a modern approach using the latest technologies can deliver the ability to streamline and accelerate processes. This can ultimately lead to:

  • Automatic compliance
  • Fully optimized load
  • Enhanced Collaborative Decision Making
  • Accelerated preparedness

CLOS military logistics software features enhanced cargo planning applications that use a 3D ULD loading simulator to assess, analyse and optimize loading according all the available constraints.

Developed specifically for military logistics, CLOS operates with maximum efficiency, taking all data variables from multiple sources and creates the optimal cargo handling, loading and transportation plan.

Enhanced Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)

Data analysis processes are often skipped or even missed when critical thinking is needed fast in a military situation. Analysis of data and information not only assists in immediate decision-making, but also those of the future through Machine Learning algorithms that enhance scenario-building.

When intelligent cargo planning software is used, the data and intelligence it gathers can be powerful. CLOS uses complex algorithms to analyze information and creates the optimal plan, maximising the use of all available resources and constraints. In a hazardous environment, it is crucial that dangerous supplies are received, stored, handled and re-distributed correctly and with safety and security at the forefront.

  • Real time access to vital data
  • Enhanced security – operating within the SAFE Framework
  • Optimized handling of dangerous cargo
  • Uses all available resources and constraints

CLOS maintains its flexibility and remains fully adaptable to time-critical changes to mission or transportation types. Providing fast and secure access to intelligent data to those that need it enhanced CDM at every level.

In a military logistics environment with increasing threats, both physical and cyber, it has never been more important to look to tools to simplify and automate cargo handling optimization within a powerful, intelligent and seamlessly secure and compliant platform.

Want to know more?

CLOS was developed to meet specific military logistics requirements for the modern age of warfare. In a military environment, it is critical to ensure the security and protection of communications as a core competency.

CLOS helps to strengthen processes through automation and secures lines of communication through leverage of the latest smart and intelligent technologies to enhance operations at every level. CLOS is a one-stop solution to meet compliance and every other requirement across the military logistics sector.

Talk to A-ICE today about how our military logistics software can shape, accelerate and optimize your operations to meet the requirements of today, while remaining scalable, flexible and secure enough for those of tomorrow.

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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