3-D Packing Optimization

3-D Packing Optimization

Maneuvers in the military domain are changing, and logistics must change too, and fast. The operational challenges in terms of efficiency and optimization are being addressed by the use of specialist technologies and systems that work in unison with key decision-makers, enhancing efficiency across the board and facilitating packing optimization at its very best.

Using 3D packing optimization techniques helps maximize loading and can enhance mission planning at many levels through powerful simulation functionality. When military logistics software works at its full potential, incorporating cloud technology to deliver real-time benefits, it is clear to see how systems, processes and ultimately operations can be streamlined and accelerated.

CLOS military logistics software contains a powerful 3D packing optimization feature that strengthens and combines data analysis and packing simulation to enhance logistics processes within a military environment.

Why use CLOS to simulate 3D packing optimization?

Packing simulation models can offer a unique opportunity for analysis, based on all the available information, both current and historic. This feature in CLOS is particularly powerful in terms of the amount of specific military data that can be both analyzed and seamlessly protected.

When analysis of the complete supply chain, the facility and the systems that automate, such as conveyors, dynamic shelving or picking and packing technology for example, clear visibility can be achieved, and simulators run for a variety of scenarios to include:

  • Last-minute changes to inventory
  • Shipment schedule changes
  • Ground challenges
  • Weather changes
  • And more.

CLOS military logistics software uses this powerful 3D packing simulator feature at a comprehensive level. Any alteration to the schedule by any means can be accurately and reliably recalculated in real-time, enabling fast and efficient decision-making at all levels. It  provides a fast, safe and inexpensive system to approach detailed analysis and handles even the most complex modelling, typical within a military environment that deals with hazardous and dangerous items on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits of a 3D Load Calculator

A 3D load calculator uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to create the optimal plan for loading boxes, pallets and containers based on the load details and the type of transportation. This maximizes use of space and ensures a full load every time, which ultimately reduces transport missions.

  • Maximizes use of space
  • Considers all available constraints
  • Calculate multiple transportation models
  • Calculates optimal positioning  

In a military environment, packaging optimization is both critical and challenging. Hardware and machinery, vehicles, weaponry and ammunition must be transported securely and safely in addition to supplies and troops.

The 3D load calculator functionality within CLOS can consider all available constraints and calculate accurate loading for multiple transportation vehicles simultaneously. In addition, CLOS capability offers different scenarios and possibilities based on fine details in real time with optimal positioning.

Want to know more?

CLOS was developed to meet specific military logistics requirements for the modern age of warfare. In a military environment, it is critical to ensure the security and protection of communications as a core competency.

CLOS helps to strengthen processes through automation and secures lines of communication through leverage of the latest smart and intelligent technologies to enhance operations at every level. CLOS is a one-stop solution to meet compliance and every other requirement across the military logistics sector.

Talk to A-ICE today about how our military logistics software can shape, accelerate and optimize your operations to meet the requirements of today, while remaining scalable, flexible and secure enough for those of tomorrow.

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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