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As a modern, evolving age of warfare approaches, military logistics planning faces greater challenges than ever before in terms of efficient movement of troops, supplies and hardware over disparate maneuvers. In addition, growing threats to cyber security mean that data and communications must be secure and protected at every level, while allowing a layer of transparency to ensure fast access to critical information by the decision-makers that need it.

CLOS military logistics software was developed to meet specific requirements to secure and protect data and critical communications as a core competency. Utilizing some of the latest smart and intelligent technologies, this powerful military software offers a unique, comprehensive solution to help streamline, simplify and automate logistics planning and execution.

Using a complex range of mathematical modelling techniques, CLOS accelerates and optimizes the planning process to guarantee safe, efficient operations. This powerful military logistics software is constructed around highly advanced, prescriptive analytics algorithms that deliver fast and accurate feasibility validation factoring all available practical constraints. With Machine Learning at the heart of CLOS, collaborative decision-making (CDM) is significantly accelerated, while remaining adaptable to accommodate updates and last-minute changes.

CLOS military software contains a range of innovative individual features that combine to deliver a powerful platform for the comprehensive planning and management of military logistics at every level. Secure every link in the chain of military logistics and prepare operations for the future of maneuvers with CLOS.

Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) Software

It is widely accepted in the military sector that times are changing, and fast. With vast military supply bases set to become a thing of the past as a new era of warfare approaches, it is becoming more important to meet rising operational challenges with some of the latest technology and solutions to increase efficiency across the military logistics environment.

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Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain management rely on seamless integration within a military environment. Both must work hand-in-hand to deliver efficient logistics through the enablement of strategic decision-making at all levels of the supply chain, which leads to the creation of the logistics framework.

Volumetric Planning & Logistics Modelling

When it comes to military logistics, the process of Volumetric Planning becomes critical to ensure the wide range of supplies and materials, often hazardous, are handled properly within the supply chain and through receipt, storage and maintenance. Often there are designated holding and processing areas and zones within military logistics and every aspect needs to be considered when carrying out strategic planning of maneuvers, whether personnel, supplies or hardware.

3-D Packing Optimization

Maneuvers in the military domain are changing, and logistics must change too, and fast. The operational challenges in terms of efficiency and optimization are being addressed by the use of specialist technologies and systems that work in unison with key decision-makers, enhancing efficiency across the board and facilitating packing optimization at its very best.

Pallet Loading Calculator

A Pallet Loading Calculator is an essential tool for military logistics, particularly when dealing with typically hazardous or dangerous supplies. Loading pallets to the optimum plan, taking all available criteria in account ensures the safe and efficient transport of the maximum load of supplies and materials, creating better time and cost efficiencies.

Aircraft Loading Optimisation

Aircraft loading optimisation is a key part of logistics planning and execution. In a military situation, there are often hazardous or dangerous materials and supplies involved and this makes a fully optimised, secure aircraft load even more critical.

Military Mission Planning

Military mission planning is critical at all levels and consists of a typically complex series of processes to ensure safe, efficient and optimised missions. Logistics plays an important role in ensuring the secure and efficient movement of troops, hardware and supplies, accelerating preparedness. When military mission planning is fully optimized, to include every available constraint and parameter, greater efficiencies can be realised across the board, saving time and closing the transportation loop through automation.

Military Mission Management

Military mission management is highly complex and involves often sensitive data handling, Collaborative Decision Making (CDM), mission planning and logistics on a comprehensive scale. Visibility of critical data is necessary to enable efficient mission management, particularly within the typically hazardous military arena.

Cargo Handling & Planner

In the military sector, it is widely accepted that logistics optimization is needed at all levels, from cargo planning, handling and transportation to CDM and logistics management. This is necessary to ensure the maneuvers of tomorrow can be handled with the efficiency and success it has historically enjoyed. Traditional military supply bases are set to become more challenging as the platform of warfare evolves into a new, technology-driven era, and optimized cargo handling and planning is more important than ever.

Hazardous Material Management

Hazardous material management is a typical, everyday process in a military warehousing facility. Successful receipt, handling, storage and transportation of dangerous goods relies on a strategic approach that considers every available resource and constraint to deliver the optimal plan.


  • Asset visibility
  • ATR full control and interaction between Shipper, ATR Manager and ATOC
  • Long-term mission planning based on requirements and assets
  • Mission Manager support for mission planning, assets control and ATR items allocation over flights
  • Support for several types of airlift missions in terms of scheduling, categories, theatre and delivery mode
  • Tasks, notifications and alerts for all stakeholders
  • ATOC Airlift Inspection record/checklist
  • Volumetric planning, cargo-loading instruction, load-sheet and passenger documentation
  • IATA documentation compliancy
  • Dashboards and reports

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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