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Could Streamlining Military Logistics Be the Key to Strategic Advantage?

Could Streamlining Military Logistics Be the Key to Strategic Advantage CLOS

Transportation and logistics within the military are facing necessary changes to create a streamlined approach this year, as the US looks ahead to the future of warzone and battlefield strategies. With a focus shift to multi-location, smaller consignments from the traditional single-depot storage and transportation, US military departments are exploring ways to access the latest commercial logistics technologies through third-party logistics solutions providers.

The operational agility that can be achieved through third-party solutions delivers the flexibility, speed and accuracy needed for modern military logistics and ticks vital boxes in terms of meeting increasing compliance requirements and managing rising costs.

The importance of transportation when considering the changing military landscape amid growing concerns about near-peer adversaries and their increasing capabilities, cannot be overlooked. Streamlining military logistics using the latest technologies and applications gives flexibility to operations management that can offer not only widespread transportation benefits but could become the key to strategic advantage.

Driving the logistics revolution in machine learning

Across the commercial transportation environment, the leading businesses are using dynamic solutions to automate and simplify logistics, concentrating on predominantly small consignments over multiple locations, dramatically improving efficiency.

Further, real-time benefits can be realized through complex machine learning algorithms, which seek alternate (and use analysis to redefine) strategies, should last-minute changes need to be made. This, in a military environment, is a core competency and clearly highlights certain strategic advantages and is just one example of how next-generation solutions currently already exist to give the military the operational agility it needs within a scalable, adaptable and ultimately secure platform.

A-ICE’s Collaborative Logistics Optimization System (CLOS)

CLOS was developed by A-ICE to meet specific military logistics requirements in collaboration with the Italian Air Force. It already offers solutions to streamline and automate planning aspects and uses a complex machine-learning algorithm to bring the benefits of real-time optimization for mission planning based on multiple, customizable variables.

As transportation planning becomes intelligent, and visibility with third-party providers becomes a core competency, remaining seamlessly secure and critical data flow fully protected, levels of greater efficiency and productivity can be easily achieved, accelerating military logistics planning. When combined with powerful real-time and analytical functionality, it begins to become clear how streamlined logistics can lead to a strong strategic advantage at the very foundation of military operations and maneuvers.

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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