Safety is the priority for any mission. That’s why all the benefits of CLOS are delivered within the SAFE framework, ensuring your planning is Secure, Accurate, Fast and Efficient.

Managed through a single platform that can be integrated with third-party systems, CLOS reduces the time and effort required for precision military logistics planning and maximises the use of available resource – all of which saves you time and minimizes cost.

Collaborative Logistics Advantages TimeLine


CLOS accounts for the variable size, shape and weight of the items you need to transport, planning an optimal loading schedule that ensures ULDs and aircraft are centered, balanced and secured. Bulky and irregular items are managed as part of the process along with consideration of the transportation demands of dangerous items.


The highly-advanced prescriptive analytics algorithms at the heart of CLOS are based on state-of-the-art Operations Research, including the latest 3D-loading literature benchmarks. This innovative, intelligent decision-making technology gives you confidence that the optimal approach has been calculated, taking into account all available practical constraints.

03: FAST

By automating the planning process, CLOS saves you significant time, closing the loop between transportation request, planning and execution. By incorporating machine-learning mechanisms to guide and accelerate calculations, the system also enables you to rapidly simulate and plan loading schedules and missions, and to quickly re-plan in response to unforeseen changes in mission or load requirements.


By fully optimising the transportation capacity, CLOS ensures you’re getting the maximum use of the resources available to you. Optimized missions mean fewer flights, less fuel and a reduction in costs. CLOS also brings efficiencies from an operational perspective, managing documentation compliance and providing stakeholders with critical information and data throughout the planning process and in real-time during the mission itself.


Closing the loop between transportation request, mission planning and execution

Aircraft-loading optimization

Dynamic rescheduling of transport missions

Safety prioritised

Centralizing control and decentralizing execution

Optimal network flow: accommodating mission variables

Cost reduction: fewer flights and better use of assets and resources

Track the operation, trace all documentation

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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