Success in military logistics is all in the planning. With the Collaborative Logistics Optimization System (CLOS) from A-ICE, you can be assured your mission will safely deliver on the critical factors of right cargo, right place and right time with maximum efficiency.

Assets loaded. Cargo secured. Mission optimized

CLOS is an intelligent decision-making software tool designed to accelerate and optimize the planning of military logistics missions. Using a sophisticated algorithm and machine learning, CLOS quickly and accurately calculates the optimal mission plan based on the multiple variables around aircraft capacity, cargo and destination. It gives you confidence that your ULDs and aircraft are securely loaded and that your mission is optimized to deliver.

Loading a400m with pallet optimized and secured by clos


When it comes to military logistics planning, there is no shortage of critical factors that must be considered to guarantee a successful outcome. Each link in the chain, from cargo to ULDs to aircraft, must be fully aligned, bringing together a detailed appreciation of the dimensions, weight and type of load as well as the available capacity and the delivery destination – or destinations.

CLOS Advantages A400M with gpu during ramp activities

Safety is the priority for any mission. That’s why all the benefits of CLOS are delivered within the SAFE framework, ensuring your planning is Secure, Accurate, Fast and Efficient. Managed through a single platform that can be integrated with third-party systems, CLOS reduces the time and effort required for precision military logistics planning and maximises the use of available resource – all of which saves you time and minimizes cost.

CLOS Mobile App, VR App and Tablet App. Smart Reader

As a collaborative decision-making (CDM) software tool, CLOS uses a variety of mathematical modelling techniques to accelerate and optimize the planning of safe, efficient and effective air transportation operations. Developed in collaboration with Optit, an accredited spinoff of the University of Bologna, CLOS is built around highly-advanced prescriptive analytics algorithms that handle all practical constraints for fast, accurate feasibility validation.

About Us - Military Collaborative Logistics Optimization Software

CLOS has been developed by A-ICE, aviation software specialists with over 25 years’ experience working with key stakeholders in the air transport community. A-ICE has developed IT solutions and integrated applications for airports, airlines and ground handlers, and has specific experience in implementing and supporting mission-critical systems. CLOS is an example of how the company’s strong emphasis on research and development enables it to engineer innovative, cost-effective technological solutions that enhance air transport operations.

CLOS /klɒs/ acronym

Collaborative Logistics Optimization System

An intelligent decision-making software tool designed to accelerate and optimize the planning of safe, efficient and effective air-based military logistics operations.

Optimize your planning with CLOS

Get in touch for more information on CLOS and how it can be used to accelerate and optimize your military logistics mission planning.

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